“Instagram” A picture is worth a thousand words

Instagram is an app that allows their users to upload and take pictures to share with their followers. Though it is typically used as a way for people to express themselves artistically, it is also a great tool for business owners.

Today, Instagram is be becoming a critical social platform for businesses. According toHubSpot, visual content engages with users the most, especially for content and social media marketing. That’s why Instagram is a great way for companies to connect with their audience.

Here are some benefits of Instagram:

*Adds a personal touch.

One of the main benefits of Instagram is that it helps build trust with potential clients. People want to buy from other people. To many people, businesses may seem robotic because you can’t see the faces behind the brand and company website.

*Competitive Edge.

The more your client can interact with your brand the more they will become loyal to it. However, you want to keep in mind of the demographic you’re targeting. If you’re a business that has a target audience in the older age frame, they probably won’t be on Instagram. On the other hand, if you’re a company that wants to tap into millennials, then Instagram is definitely the place to be.

*Promote your Business

There is no better way to post your promotions and events for free then with images and comments on Instagram!

Once you have developed a following, this is a great way to let them know about the latest events with your business.

You can have your team create visual assets for Instagram and post it on social media. Since there is no character count with Instagram, you can explain the promotion or event in depth.

Clients can then use Instagram as a tool in engage clients with promotions by offering deals if they “Follow” and tag friends in their promotions. Here is an example of Drinkwel’s Instagram post that uses contests to attract more followers and interaction.


Like all other social media platforms, Instagram is a great place to network with potential or already existing clients. It offers an excellent means to extend your online reach.

This can be done by liking, commenting and following other individuals that are related to your industry.

The more you engage with other people’s posts, the more inclined they will be to engage with yours!

Instagram allows you to search hashtags that are related to your industry, once you have, like other people’s photos! This will guide them to your Instagram account, which they can then follow.

*Paid Advertising

Instagram is allowing businesses to advertise!

Businesses are now able to create Instagram ads through Facebook’s Power Editor. You can either advertise with a specific image, a slideshow of images, or a short video.

Since you’re using Facebook Power Editor for Instagram advertising, this allows you to use Facebook data to advertise to Instagram. If Instagram users are connecting their accounts to Facebook, you are able to target them specifically through their behaviours, interests, demographics, professions, and more.

With Facebook’s extensive data on users, you will be able to target your ads to specific demographics and reach audiences that will actually engage with your posts.

*Improve Language Skills

Students can use Instagram to improve linguistic skills. Using this tool, students can exchange opinions and views on different topics. They can do it by articulating their thoughts into the right words and sentences. Students can also participate in a group activity where each student asks the others to comment on a photo or video. In this way, students can improve their word usage as well as sentence structure skills.

 *Develop Emotional Aptitude

Instagram helps students form emotional intelligence to understand their inner feelings, such as fear, motivation and desire. Teachers can conduct a few classroom activities where students can comment on their reactions to a photo or a video clip. By exposing to snaps that show variety of moods students can develop a good sense of emotions.

*Build Interpersonal Skills

Instagram promotes interpersonal skills among students. Interpersonal skills are a key element to ensure healthy personal and professional life. With this tool, teachers can engage the students in classroom activities that use interpersonal skills to apprehend the feelings and mood of fellow students. Thanks to Instagram, students can now practice these skills as well.

Share Knowledge

Students can use Instagram to exchange multimedia stuff on a number of social media platforms. This makes it possible for them to exchange knowledge with classmates and teachers. With Instagram, students can maintain a group of network that can share information on a variety of topics. Using this audio/visual medium, students can engage in a two-way communication where they can discuss a subject.

*Learn Through Fun

Instagram can also play a crucial role in ensuring educational engagement among students. This online tool invites teachers and students to a single platform where they can engage in various fun activities and engagements. For example, teachers can assign “photo essays” to students that students can produce using a series of snaps along with the comments under each photo.

*landscape-1463406655-instagram-logos-old-and-new.jpgEnhance Project-Based Learning

Instagram facilitates students with project-based learning process. By using photos of your subject and sharing them with the fellow students, you can get their valuable feedback. Similarly, you can post your comments about snapshots of your classmates.


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